Posture and performance training from the experts.


More than just training: Posture correction for high-level performance

Whether you’re a gym goer, busy executive, experienced athlete, or just need help recovering from an injury, you’ll access well-designed training programmes from experts in structural correction, posture, and injury issues.

At Posturefit, our expert practitioners work together to assess any posture issues or injuries, design a corrective training programme to suit, and motivate you to stay on track to become pain free and functioning well.

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Dedication and expertise: Our training team

Get training and support from dedicated experts specialising in wellness, injury rehabilitation, and posture issues.

You’ll be matched with a trainer to can help resolve your injury or pain issues

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A range of experts for a range of issues: Our practitioners

Whether you’re looking for massage, physical therapy, posture correction, training services, or any other body therapy services, we can help.

Our practitioners are all trained, experienced experts, including C.H.E.K (Corrective High performance Exercise Kinesiologists) and C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestlye Coaches, Certified ELDOA and Myofascial stretching experts, massage therapists, physical therapists, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Reiki and more. Because we have such a varied, talented team, you get access to all the physical health practitioners you need in one place.

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Get the tools you need to feel better: Seminars and Workshops

More energy, less pain, training techniques – Posturefit’s seminars and workshops give you the tools to improve your life.

Most of our events are run by Michelle Owen, a highly trained C.H.E.K practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, and wellness expert. She draws on decades of experience to guide seminar and workshop groups through research-based practical, tailored programmes. We’re always adding new events and seminars, so check regularly so you don’t miss out.

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Pain, injury, performance issues – whatever your problem, we can help. To hear more about Posturefit and our wellness services, sign up for our weekly emails and download our free Posture Assessment and correction ebook.

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