Training-Specific Testimonials

Max Gillespie

After fracturing my neck in a surfing accident I chose Michelle Owen and CHEK training as my means of recovery.

I had read an athlete’s biography in a Surf magazine about how he had made amazing changes using the CHEK program. I was looking to recover from not only my neck injury but also to address many other areas of my body that where sore that other Health professionals had failed to correct over many years.

Coming so close to paralyses my realisation was that I wanted to improve the way I feel in all areas of my life. Michelle and the training (CHEK) she does is proving to be the ultimate change. After only a few weeks of learning and doing the skilled exercises, the pain in my shoulder, lower back, hips, hamstrings and calf muscles had all disappeared.

To say the least I was amazed at the results and I could now concentrate on the recovery of my neck injury and get really functional and strong for my work as a builder and my sport surfing. Michelle has a wealth of knowledge of what is needed to get your body back on track and eliminate the risk of further injury through your work, sport or exercise. CHEK training has also helped me with my diet and hydration which has boosted my energy levels and created a healthier mind. Michelle Owen and CHEK training has changed my life for the better.

- Max Gillespie


Sheena Ross

I have had back pain for several years (very common for serious horse riders) and came to Michelle to get help with the pain.

I am a full time dressage rider and breeder. I spend several hours a day riding and I am a serious competitor. I need to be fit and strong to be competitive. Michelle was able to tell me why I was so sore. Her in depth analysis of my posture and strength showed some very weak areas that I was not aware of. We are addressing these areas and already I have much less pain.

The really exciting thing is that I am riding so much better than before. I am stronger in my position on the horse. My riding trainer says she can see a big improvement. Best of all I can feel the improvement in my posture. I look forward to continuing working with Michelle and hope to ride competitively for many years to come! I highly recommend her and her methods.

- Sheena Ross

Corrective Exercise Testimonials

Bridget McClure

I can honestly say that my life changed for the better the moment I read an article in the Ponsonby News. Every point I read I could relate to and I felt excited to learn more about what I was reading and who had written it.

By calling Michelle and meeting her for an assessment, I started a new phase in my life of living without pain. Having had the misfortune of 3 minor car accidents a year part in my early 20’s, the whiplash injuries sustained led to a life of neck and back pain. This stopped me from doing things I enjoy and made for a pretty sedentary life (boring!).

Within the first 2 appointments with Michelle, learning how to stand and carry myself properly, the pain was gone! With each appointment that followed I have gained strength, my mood has lifted and I can’t help but tell everyone about my positive experience! The tailored online training program makes it easy to do my exercises at home and the videos Michelle takes on my phone are a good reference to make sure my technique is right.

For anybody experiencing pain and discomfort in their everyday life, I can’t recommend enough that you make an appointment to meet Michelle!!

- Bridget McClure


Paul Crockett

They say life is journey rather than a destination. The CHEK program led by Michelle is the epitome of the journey.

Long standing pelvis issues led my journey through a multitude of practitioners over the last ten years. Michelle with her functional and educated eye assesses the body as holistic unit implements tailored programs to unwind the body and create a more stable and functional unit. Today I live in more stable body with much less pain! This however is work in progress rather than a task to complete! Onward and upward. Thank you Michelle and CHEK.

- Paul Crockett



I came to Michelle as a last resort for treatment of an Achilles injury that did not heal properly.

I had tried it all: physio, injections (both steroids and blood injections) and according to the surgeon I saw only a month before I saw Michelle, surgery was the only possible option, but there was no guarantee I would ever play football again or could wear jandals without pain.

In my first visit Michelle showed me immediately what others had missed… with every step I took, I put my Achilles under a strain it should never be under. I was walking and therefore running completely out of balance! No wonder it wouldn’t heal. After working through the C.H.E.K therapy exercises for about a year, I am now back on the soccer field and am running without pain in my Achilles. NO surgery needed! Just common sense really, once you hear Michelle’s very clear explanations.

Michelle taught me so much, and it has not only benefited my Achilles, it’s my whole body, posture and balance that feel so much better. I’d recommend anybody to try Michelle’s methodology before believing you have to give up on sports or going for surgery!

- Saskia


John Batty

I first met Michelle Owen a little over a year ago when I relocated from Melbourne to Auckland. I had been introduced to the C.H.E.K style of personal training a year or so before, but Michelle helped me to take this work to a new level.

Over a number of months I made good progress with the development of my strength and increasing my mobility. In early 2010 our work together changed direction in a significant way. Michelle initiated a new focus on a type of “myofascial stretching” which I had not previously encountered.

I had experienced a long history of kyphosis and an early diagnosis of probable ankylosing spondylitis which had left me with a legacy of joint stiffness and soft tissue immobility. This pattern had ameliorated at a very gradual rate over a period of nearly 40 years.

I had always tried to be quite fit and healthy and played field hockey until I was 41 years of age. I had consistently gone through the motions of the plethora of current fad “stretching” procedures, but it always felt more like maintenance rather than progress. I was a constant seeker and consumer of every type of bodywork known to humankind, constantly trying to identify ways to ease my muscle discomfort and increase my level of pain-free movement. This new “myofascial stretching” regime quite quickly took me to a new level.

The journey has not been without significant resistance, pain and discomfort, but working through these obstacles has been hugely worthwhile. These days I am much more upright, more mobile and largely without the constant discomfort that I didn’t really know I was enduring. Now if I do get a twinge I can tap into my self-management resources to address the area of tightness in my own way and in my own time. Externally applied bodywork is now simply sought as a bonus and/or a treat.

- John Batty


Jacqui Henderson

Over a fifteen year period I had two knee operations, numerous physio and personal training sessions and had learnt to accept constant knee pain as ‘a part of life’.

The surgeons both said this was to be expected so I just accepted it. However, the possibility of a third operation had me worried and made me question why the same injury was coming back to haunt me.

Even the cost of at least $10,000 for the operation alone didn’t make the decision to book that initial appointment any easier. However, finally after six months of ‘thinking about it’ and more from desperation than hope I turned up to see Michelle.

After a year and a half I am 15kgs lighter and life without knee pain literally has given me a sense of freedom. I can now run, hike, dance stand and simply standing for a long time no longer hurts or swells my knee. Michelle’s professionalism and passion for health has a multi-dimensional approach incorporating functional strength, diet and emotional well being. Michelle’s extensive knowledge is the added bonus but never overwhelming.

I have experienced the freedom from pain when I do the correct work as well as relapses when I have become complacent. I have experienced the difference for myself and know where I would rather be. Michelle trains to educate and encourage independent responsibility and that’s where I am at today.

- Jacqui Henderson


Kati Colman

Michelle’s training is an approach to life – not a quick fix.

She is the consummate professional. She has spent 30 years honing her skills in “functional training methods” which emphasise correct postural balances, strength, nutrition and fitness. What she teaches works. She has helped me transform my body shape and enhance my fitness. Under her eagle eye I have never been allowed to suffer a training injury – no small feat but one that Michelle regards as a given. She’s a smart lady whose approach can change your life, once you’ve decided to fix it – permanently.

- Kati Colman


Leo Slocombe

I am 70 years young and feel great and many people say, “I look great”. My weight is within 5kg the last 7 years. I have been working 2 x a week when I am in the country with Michelle for over 13 years.

Before I first went to Michelle for personal “one-on-one” training, I had been working out with trainers 2 x a week in Canada and Maui, Hawaii where I spend a significant amount of time. I can honestly say that no one, in any of the nearly 40 years that I have been going to gyms, could match her knowledge and skills as a P.T.

She first did a personal fitness assessment and I have had others done with her from time to time. From these assessments, she is able to see all of my body issues, including poor posture, bad hip alignment, weakness in my core and glutes and several other issues that needed attention and work. Slowly over these past years and following some of her written at home recommendations, I have seen, and so have my family and friends, a significant difference in my appearance. My posture and core strength is now way better and needs weekly maintenance.

I am playing golf pain-free and feel that my core work has been a major factor in my strength and condoning. I recently had a major medical and all my results are below my age expectations significantly. The one secret about Michelle is her knowledge on how to do any exercise “The Right Way”. Through her personal CHEK training and personal development courses she attends annually and constantly, she has grown to be one of the best trainers I know. She is definitely “World Class” and stacks up against anyone. Anywhere.

Michelle is not only very personable; she constantly tweaks my work and is always pointing out the correct way to do a certain exercise. I have her on my shoulder always when I train alone at home or on the road. I would be happy to expand on my thoughts on Michelle if anyone is interested. Ask Michelle as to how to contact me directly. You will be in GREAT hands and over some period of time you too can feel and see progress and a difference you will want to keep up. Ask her about other healthy lifestyle services she can provide including holistic lifestyle coaching.

One last thing. We have a lot of FUN.

- Leo Slocombe


Rob Hawker

Michelle has been working with my mind and my body, for a number of years, to rectify postural issues. 

Michelle’s programs have had a significant impact: I stand taller, I walk straighter and I am functionally stronger. Michelle regularly reviews my technique and progress and provides the training to ensure I keep working for excellent form and changes the program so my body and mind is always challenged. It is like taking your car in for a service. If you really want your body to work as it was designed I recommend you work with Michelle, a body mechanic par excellence.

- Rob Hawker


Jane Low

Michelle has been my gym instructor for the last 10 years.  She is fantastic! You are always learning new exercises that will extend you, keep you interested, challenge you and improve you.

She is a great technician and keeps you focused on what you are doing. You are always improving yourself physically through exercise as well as learning about yourself nutritionally and mentally Michelle is also extending her knowledge, which she will pass onto you.

Without her help my body wouldn’t be where it is now.  I have no injuries and feel in the best shape ever.

- Jane Low , Designer


Cathryn Redgwell

Michelle has got me functioning again! Before I started my programme with her, I had been to see doctors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, orthopaedic surgeons and the list goes on!

I was in pain with numerous back problems, taking medication and seeing a range of ‘specialists’ who didn’t seem to know what was wrong with me. Michelle assessed my diet, lifestyle, muscle balance and flexibility.

Michelle has given me control back. Through combining diet, lifestyle choices and a programme to correct my muscle imbalance, I am now able to live my life without constant pain. After 6 months I am off the medication, am feeling energised and am working to strengthen and condition my body. I still have a long way to go, but am confident that I can recover. My pain was so bad that I never thought I would get better.

Now I can see that it is within my control and Michelle has helped me rebuild my body, mindset and I am now healthier than I have ever been. I highly recommend Michelle for anyone who has injured themselves or has back pain and they need support to see their way to recovery.

- Cathryn Redgwell


Dr. Ray Thomson

I have been using Michelle as a personal trainer for almost two years. I lost one arm as a child but have become a keen golfer in recent years but with all the issues of being much stronger on my good side.

Prior to seeing Michelle I was always putting my neck out or suffering neck and knee injuries when playing golf; I was almost ready to give up. As a result of Michelle’s work my posture has been significantly improved and my core stability considerably strengthened.

As a result I no longer face golfing injuries, recently winning the Australian below Elbow Amputee Golf Net Championship. Michelle’s work is subtle and takes time to make an impact but I would never have believed she would have made this amount of difference.

- Dr. Ray Thomson , Doctor


Suzanne Watt

I always thought that there had to be a reason why my back and neck kept ‘going out’.

My surgeon actually snidely asked me once, why I was seeing a chiropractor for – e.g. why did I have to keep going back to him? I didn’t have the answer but I do now. My muscles were pulling my body in various directions and not holding my frame firm. From my first lesson with Michelle it all made sense. Going back to ‘first steps’ and learning everything over again was difficult and frustrating but it wasn’t long before I felt the benefits.

My first visit back to my chiro after starting with Michelle was extremely satisfying. He remarked that the evenness in the length of my legs was the best since I started going to him many years ago. Yes!!!! It was working and since then I’ve been pain free in my back and my neck is getting more flexible and less painful. I know I’ve started a journey that I’m determined to continue and grow with. I know that next year when we start travelling I will be able to ‘self medicate’ and continue my strengthening exercises so that no matter what obstacles we encounter e.g. lumpy beds, long flights of stairs, cramped trains , sitting for hours on planes – I’ll be able to cope and really enjoy our travels.

Prior to finding Michelle I was worried if I could travel at all – now there is no holding me back. I’m so thankful for having found Michelle and loved every minute of my time with her. She is such a good teacher and so positive in her encouragement and enthusiasm.

- Suzanne Watt


Ash Singh

I have been fortunate to have found Michelle to help me with my posture, back and the whole body really. I can tell Michelle is passionate in what she does as it just shows.

As I have a sitting job I was frustrated with why my back was so unstable as sudden movements would put it out. A colleague at work told me about a back expo they were having in Greenlane earlier this year.

The back expo was held by numerous physiotherapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, just to name a few. Michelle was there also. They all had their stalls and  they had small presentations they made on what they could do for you. I stayed for each one of them but I found Michelle to be one that I was drawn to. She looked like she walked the walk and talked the talk and I was really impressed the way she looked and moved and carried herself. She looked strong and confident.

I am so glad I decided to go with Michelle. Michelle did an assessment on me soon after and immediately knew what my reasons for the pain could be. She knew what was wrong with me just by looking at the way I stood, walked any way. However because we are all unique she she did a 2.5 hour assessment for me and designed a fabulous program customised for me.

Michelle has helped to build me up again step by step. Michelle designed the program so that  I actually understood the steps she was putting in place for me and explained in detail. Michelle is a very thoughtful and  patient teacher going at the pace she knew I was understanding what was needed for me – so that I was “getting it”.

Michelle is incredibly professional and because of her program my back seems so much stronger and better to say almost renewed is not an understatement. I have made my posture, my strength training , the way I lift things a way of life so it becomes natural. That’s why the program with Michelle is not just a program but she makes you think of your body differently as it is the only one we have so we have to use it effectively and efficiently. Thanks Michelle for an awsome program and I will definitely be recommending you to anyone who asks. You are an amazing teacher.

- Ash Singh


Gina Collins

I came to see Michelle in 2013 complaining of stiffness in the neck/shoulder/back region. It didn’t seem to matter what I did – stretching, yoga, massage – I never seemed to get any permanent relief.

I met Michelle at a stretching class that she was taking in her studio in Eden Terrace. I was trying to get rid of the constant tension and discomfort I had in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I also have osteoarthritis in my lower spine so I figured some extra stretching would help with that too.

I am no stranger to stretching as I did Yoga at Les Mills and have also tried Pilates. My other favourite thing to do for the muscles was to have a massage, although it has to be said that I could have had a massage every day and not long after the tension would be back again.

As you can probably guess, the stretching class didn’t get rid of my problem any more than the yoga, Pilates or massages did. At the end of one of the classes I asked her why it wasn’t making a difference. She put me in front of a mirror and did a mini postural assessment on me pointing out a few things but the most revealing was when she felt around my shoulder blades and made the comment that my shoulder muscles were very weak.

What she was saying was that I didn’t need stretching, I needed strengthening. This was a revelation to me as I was a regular gym go-er doing Pump, Step and Spin classes and I thought I was strong, or at least strong enough. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense because goodness knows I had done enough stretching and it wasn’t working so why not try something else.

I decided to book in for an assessment so Michelle could better understand where my problem areas were and these included weak muscles in all the wrong places, poor posture, skeleto muscular imbalances, and no core strength worth speaking of.

I booked in for 10 sessions and have never looked back. Michelle took me right back to basics, giving me small exercises to re-awaken my muscles, and the one was in the deepest sleep was my core. They talk about the core at the gym all the time “turn on your core” “activate your core” and I used to suck in my tummy but of course this also involved holding my breath so it was short-lived.

Sometime over the last 40 years I had forgotten how to activate this muscle band and consequently my posture wasn’t as good as it could be and it probably made my osteoarthritis worse. I’ve got my core back and this has made a huge difference to my posture and being able to enjoy doing every day activities without getting a sore lower back.

Working with Michelle has changed my life. This became apparent when my husband and I decided to walk the Abel Tasman at the beginning of this year. Being upright for long periods of time had always made my lower back stiff and resulted in me having to take Voltaren and suffer. Consequently even though my husband loves tramping, I never go with him but with my new found strength I decided it was now or never. I walked the 2 ½ days and my back was fine and the Voltaren stayed in the packet.

Someone once said to me that the biggest cause of old age is pain and stiffness and it’s true. I can tell you that I feel younger than I have for years, not because I have less wrinkles or grey hairs, but because I am no longer living with a sore neck, stiff shoulders and back.

If you are thinking about taking some steps to improve your health and wellbeing then start by talking to Michelle Owen – it will change your life.

- Gina Collins


Amanda Reilly

Prior to being recommend to Michelle in February 2014, I had spent more than 5 years trying to find out what was wrong with me.

My thinking was that if I could find out what was wrong with me then I could be made better. Many health practitioners looked only at individual symptoms and so my search involved lots of different pills, potions & procedures. When finally I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease that was described as both incurable and potentially disabling I then began a new search – to find a way of preserving the mobility that I still had.

There was no way I was prepared to accept becoming disabled and I was going to do everything that I could to prevent it. It was at this point that I was fortunate to meet Michelle. She has taken a big picture view of my of health including breathing, diet, posture & exercises tailored specifically to my needs. Not only has my mobility improved, my pain levels have reduced greatly and my body is stronger & leaner.

Michelle is knowledgeable, supportive & encouraging. My journey to better health is well underway and I know that I wouldn’t be on this path without the help of Michelle. Thank you!

- Amanda Reilly


Geoff Burne

Prepare to be educated!

In your lifetime you get the honour of meeting a few truly professional people that change your life for the better. And for me, Michelle Owen is one of them. Her knowledge and understanding of fitness training is truly world-class. I had been going to the gym regularly for many years and thought I was on to it; that was until I met Michelle! She has in the last 18 months open my eyes to what is correct training and what is not.

Michelle was recommended to me as I was looking to improve my training so that I could compete internationally in my field of sport. Under her expert guidance I have become strong, injury free and am starting to build an edge over my competitors.

One warning; the first six months are a very challenging period why you learn the correct training postures. But if you can hang tough through this period, you will start to notice your body changing in ways you thought previously where impossible. I will forever be indebted to Michelle for changing my life (for the better).

- Geoff Burne


Michelle Redington

About three years ago I decided it was time to get proactive about my health. This was triggered because of what I saw around the office – many of my work colleagues had health problems, ranging from bad backs to depression.

As it was, I constantly seemed to catch the latest illness circulating the office and I always felt tired and lethargic. Michelle was recommended to me and I have now been seeing her for over 2 years. I can’t believe what a difference Michelle has made!

As a result of Michelle’s expertise I am not only stronger and leaner, but I have much more energy and I’m sick less frequently. We’ve also prevented degeneration of my spine by dealing with the misalignment (that I wasn’t even aware of!) before permanent damage had been done. I have been to many personal trainers in the past but Michelle is in a different league. I view her as the most important person that I deal with in relation to my overall health.

Her approach of treating the cause, rather than just the symptom, was a welcome change to other trainers and health professionals that I have dealt with. I strongly encourage others to seek her assistance to achieve their health goals

- Michelle Redington , Financial Accountant


Cath Jollands

I came to Michelle 2 years ago with chronic neck and lower back problems caused by falling off horses in my youth and gazing at my computer for too long.

We have worked twice a week for two years and now I am free from the pain and minimal movement I used to experience. My body shape has also changed for the better and my strength is greatly improved. I am always getting comments about how much weight I have lost!

Michelle has a superior knowledge of body function and along with the Paul Chek system she uses, has relieved me from the sort of pain, which meant I could not even sit down. I am exceedingly grateful to her and could not recommend her more highly. Plus we have a lot of fun – its not all hard work!

- Cath Jollands , Accountant


Karen Ross

When I started working with Michelle I’d had back pain for about fifteen years and no amount of chiropractic, massage or osteopathic treatment, etc. was giving me sustained relief.

I would feel better for a few days or weeks and then need to go back again, and again! I had often worried about how I would find pregnancy when I got around to having kids, given how little strength I had in my back. Thankfully my chiropractor eventually referred me to Michelle, and I haven’t looked back.

I feel more comfortable in my body and much stronger. A great milestone for me was doing a day climb on Franz Josef Glacier with a small pack on my back and being free of pain the whole day. I now understand how to create strength in my body and what it takes to look after myself, which is an ongoing process.

Michelle has taught me so much, and there is a genuine care behind every piece of wisdom she imparts.

- Karen Ross



After my last injury (one of many) my body was finally thrashed and could no longer take it. After many physios and other medical practitioners and trainers over the years I was desperate for a complete training method and someone who was really interested in me (I got that and more).

I have trained with Michelle for the last 9 months and I feel like a totally different person both mentally and physically. To begin with the hardest thing for me was slowing down. Really understanding how to pull my body together as a single unit. I now feel like a force to deal with life and the fantastic challenges it brings.

This is a totally different workout than I have ever done (I have tried everything and had many trainers) Michelle is so attentive and has an eye for perfection in her work. I surprise myself all the time how strong im getting in less time. It’s like driving a new car you just want to test it not drive it into the ground and its exciting having the ability to control that.
I feel empowered – thanks Michelle! xxx

- Geraldine


Anthony Booth

After three years of agony and drugs I had surgery to repair a herniated disc. This was the result of many years of inaction and poor body awareness.

The surgeon recommended I undertake gym work to strengthen my back to prevent the same situation happening again. I found Michelle and Fitness-n-Function after hearing horror stories of numerous operations and prolonged medication that many went through.

Michelle’s professionalism and knowledge over the last two years has allowed me to become more aware of my body and its needs. With her encouragement and advice she has weaned me off the processed foods that were a staple of my diet. As a company director I might think myself clever and capable, but when I look back at my lifestyle and compare it to now, I realise how totally ignorant to my own body I was.

Michelle has shown me how to achieve core stability, correct posture and alignment. I am standing more upright; breathing better and can lift weights that I thought were beyond me. My mobility has freed up, and from simple neck exercises to deadlifts the range of exercises makes every training session interesting. Her attention to detail when starting a new exercise is so important as I now observe others who think they are doing it correctly but are only creating more problems for themselves in the future.

At 51, I am no gym bunny but I know at 71, I won’t be sitting in a chair all day moaning about the pain. I’ll be mobile and far more agile than many of my counterparts. I now undertake, massage, gentle manipulative therapy, and acupuncture. Things I would never have considered before meeting Michelle.

- Anthony Booth



I always knew I my posture wasn’t great, but didn’t pay much attention to the impact it was having on my life;  physically the aches, pains, lack of movement, but also physiologically the confidence & motivation.

I was surprised that even after the first session I felt so much better. The simple exercises she showed me in alleviated some of the achiness almost immediately. The exercises were not complicated, or time-consuming but done regularly really made a difference. Having the little videos to check that technique was correct certainly helped. We have progressed with the exercises over that time and I have a program and a library of videos as reference to ensure techniques are correct, it’s like having Michelle checking while I’m at home.

After 3 months, the posture has improved and the impact on my life now is positive in so many ways, physically & physiologically. My sporting interest is Triathlons, I have noticed great improvement in my training, it helps so much to know where my body should be and how to use it correctly to prevent future injury. Thanks Michelle, it’s been life changing!

- Angela , Financial Accountant


Seminar and Keynote Speaking Testimonials

Natalia Foster-Moan

Michelle Owen delivered a great seminar to our members.

It was well catered for based on the different levels of knowledge within the group and covered a broad range of topics. Michelle was very knowledgeable and easy to follow. Members were definitely left with wanting to hear more from Michelle. We look forward to having her back to talk to our members

- Natalia Foster-Moan , Les Mills Takapuna


Lauren Lau

Michelle Owen is an exciting Health and Wellness expert who brought an element of fun and learning to our team’s Wellness session.

Michelle was extremely helpful and accommodating in helping us put together a session on the principles and practice of wellness which we could experience individually and as a team – she worked hard to give us a session that suited our budget and needs, and was very accessible throughout the planning stages to discuss options. We all left her session feeling motivated, invigorated, and happy to work with Michelle again.

- Lauren Lau , Westpac New Zealand


Janet Xuccoa

Dear Michelle, Just a quick note to thank you for being a Key Note Presenter at Auckland Vibe 2013.

From feedback, I can tell you the audience found your presentation very informative and motivating. Thank you so much for delivering such interesting snippets of information. You’re a fabulous presenter.

- Janet Xuccoa , Gilligan Rowe + Associates LP


Debra Ryan

The wellness seminars that Michelle ran for us at BDO were perfectly targeted for our needs and fitted well into our wellness initiatives.

The information was presented in and informative and interactive manner which ensured all those attending took away the maximum information that was tailored to their unique circumstances. It was the right mix of science and practical tips to give it credibility but easy to understand and apply to your own life. I would love to have Michelle in for a longer seminar as I really feel there were tangible benefits for our staff.

- Debra Ryan , BDO Auckland


Brian Nicholas

As a not for profit organisation who support people with intellectual disabilities we looked for someone who could assist support staff with their own well-being which would in turn give them the knowledge to help others.

We found this in Michelle. She gave two 90 minute seminars empowering us with her insights into nutrition, correct breathing, correct posture and the amazing benefits of simple good daily hydration.

She is passionate about health and well-being and communicated her ideas clearly and effectively. These ideas were well received and we have seen the benefits already. Thank you Michelle!

- Brian Nicholas , The Gift Centre


Sophie Cawse

Michelle Owen was one of our key speakers at our Wellness Programme.

Michelle was a dynamic speaker and the 6 Foundation Principles seminar was a fantastic fit to the holistic approach we were taking through the programme. The seminar was engaging and well received by all levels of the firm. A number of our people have continued to work with Michelle on a 1:1 basis following the seminar.

- Sophie Cawse , Kensington Swan


Aldas Palubinskas

As an employer, Mobico is keen to help our people live and work to their full potential. Personal wellbeing is central to this.

During 2009 Michelle was contracted as an educator and advisor to our team. She and I worked closely together in putting together a program focused on nutrition and work-life balance. Michelle knows her stuff and I found her adaptable and easy to work with. The team responded well to her communication style, the seminars and follow up sessions.

- Aldas Palubinskas , Mobico


Kerry Watson

I am writing to you to acknowledge your efforts in regard to recent delivery of training to staff in nutrition, health, fitness and regimes relating to shift work (at Police Northern Communications Centre).

The majority of our 200 staff have now attended your 2 hour sessions. I have received strong feedback from staff commenting on your manner of delivery and the positive benefits and subsequent results from the training delivery. I personally have seen change in behaviour in that staff are now drinking much more liquids and some have greatly improved their diets and quality of food. Some staff have also commenced exercise.

We are hopeful that your efforts will have tangible effects on absenteeism and sickness given the high stressors that can affect our staff.

- Kerry Watson , Police Northern Communications Centre


Studio Testimonials

Joanna Rushton

I’ve now conducted two workshops at Michelle Owen’s fabulous and functional studio.

The the studio itself is light and large perfect for the lecture style event I was teaching. The kitchen and amenities were perfect and our host Michelle, is eternally generous of spirit. I’m so looking forward to teaching there again.

- Joanna Rushton , Author of #1 Amazon Best Seller 'Rocket Fuel on A Budget'