Posture Assessment: Identifying the issues

If you have ongoing pain or injury problems, or you want to improve your sports performance, a postural and orthopedic assessment is essential.


Poor posture is something that many people don’t consider, but it causes significant issues in terms of pain, recurring injuries, and problems with physical activity.
Fixing issues with posture and muscle imbalance can even help you avoid medical interventions and surgery.

About the Postural Assessment

The Postural Assessment is a detailed series of tests and measurements, designed to identify your individual issues – and find ways to solve them. The process takes around two hours. Because the assessment is so thorough, it helps us look at the whole picture when it comes to your structural health and wellbeing, and identify the causes of any pain or posture issues.

First, your practitioner will use a postural grid to look at any body distortions that could be causing pain or discomfort.

The next step is a series of muscle length and tension tests, designed to identify any facsia, muscles and joints that need stretching or strengthening. Your spinal curvature and pelvic angles are measured to get a clear picture of your static posture and holding patterns, and movement patterns are also assessed.

The assessment includes a detailed discussion of any pain or physical problems, previous treatments, your exercise regime, sports, general health, and anything else that may be affecting your wellbeing.

Do I need a Postural Assessment?

Most people could stand to improve their posture, but it’s particularly important for active people, athletes and people who want to prevent injuries and surgeries. If you’re not sure whether you need an assessment, read through our checklist – if you answer yes to any of the questions, it’s worth getting in touch.

  • I have ongoing pain, discomfort, weakness, tight muscles, or generally feel unbalanced.
  • I have tried everything to solve my problems, without relief.
  • I have recurring injuries that affect my life.
  • I am aware that I slouch or slump when sitting or standing.
  • I have been told I need surgery to correct joint or muscle problems.
  • I have had surgery recently.
  • I am an athlete and I would like to improve my performance.
  • My pain and recurring injuries are affecting my ability to play sport or exercise.
  • I’m a parent or grandparent who would like to be able to play with my children or grandchildren more.
  • I work in a busy corporate job and would like to train more effectively.
  • I want to be functional and pain-free as I age.

What happens next?

Once your postural assessment is complete, we can design your personalised training and coaching programme.

Coaching will include specialised exercises to correct your imbalances, such as myofacsial stretching and ELDOA spinal decompression, stability and strength training, all which are used to create your new postural positions. The goal is to create new neural pathways, which helps you correct any imbalances, create optimal joint positions and maintain new habits long term.

If you’re concerned about posture or pain issues, contact Posturefit for an assessment now.