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Strength Training for Athletes: Taking your performance to the next level

High-performance training for athletes is about correcting muscle imbalance, improving posture, increasing stability and functional strength, and optimising the specific skills needed for your sport.


Because every person responds to exercise differently, our training is highly individualised and based on a detailed posture and orthopedic assessment.

We identify and correct any muscle imbalances in your body through skilled exercise Myofacsial stretch, stability and functional strength training aimed at correcting the muscular slings within the body which cause rotations and lead to pain and injury Then, we move to sports specific training, which is based on the muscle movements used in your discipline. This helps you to refine and control your body movement for optimum performance in your field.

Holistic training for high performance

As a trained and qualified Level 3 C.H.E.K practitioner and Holistic Lifestyle coach, Michelle Owen approaches strength training by looking at your needs, strengths, and structural requirements. This holistic approach to training makes your programme as effective and powerful as possible.

Training is aimed at correcting imbalance, stabilising your core, improving overall strength, and increasing your explosive power, agility, and speed.

High performance strength training goes through three basic stages:


We find any postural or muscular imbalances affecting your movement and help you develop strategies to correct them


We design a training programme to help you strengthen your entire body and maintain your improved postural settings


We design a highly specialised training programme based on the movements used in your discipline, to help you take your performance to the next level.

Corrective or Myofascial Stretching

Learning to stretch correctly can have a huge impact on your body. Most people have some level of muscular imbalance, which can be improved with specific stretching. For athletes in particular, it is essential to stretch the fascia causing compression, restrictions, dysfunction, pain or tension. Learning to stretch correctly eases aches, tightness, helps correct imbalance and optimally position joints. It’s about creating long-term structural health and movement for your body.

Myofascial stretching techniques focus on stretching the fascial sheathes that connect muscles, organs and nerves throughout the body. This technique helps to stretch and strengthen individual muscles and the muscle groups surrounding them, for better long-term function and pain-free movement.

Postural Stability

Posture is the foundation of bodily movement. Improving your posture can help you recover from a sports injury, reduce or resolve ongoing pain, and even boost performance in your sport.

At Posturefit, we can help you overcome any postural imbalances by training you to hold and move your body correctly. In this way good posture becomes an automatic part of the way you move. This training can have a significant impact on your sports performance and training.

If posture issues are identified in your assessment, postural training and structural correction will be the beginning of your high-performance sports training programme.

Core Stability

Your core is made up of four layers of muscle that wrap around your back and abdominal area. These muscles support and protect your organs, help you stay upright and prevent injuries to your back, and are essential for comfortable, functional movement.

Core stability training teaches you specific movements designed to strengthen and maintain this essential muscle group. With a strong, stable core, you’ll experience fewer injuries and find it easier to perform in your sport.

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Our online training programme: Powerful software, impressive results

Keep up with your training from anywhere with our online performance software. Accessed from your smartphone, the app includes detailed instructions and videos for exercises in your individual programme.

It also lets you input progress and track improvement over time, to ensure you are moving toward your goals, even when you’re not working with a trainer.

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